CREDITS: Sue (also credit [translation], +  Cathy 
[ ] [romanization]


dah cheh uh dee ee suh neh kyuh teh suh duh luh jyuh suh hengbok hah geen jee ah nee myuhn book heng han jee nuh guh juhng dweh jee nah reul bwah rah bwah duhn ah reum dah duhn keu reh duhn nee gah neh kyuh eul duh nah
uh dee ton gah sah rah jyuh buh ryuh nah reul buh ryuh oh hee ryuh weh nee gah noon 

mool eul heul ryuh keu noon moo leh gah ryuh boh soo gah uhb suh nah reul jee kyuh joo 

duhn nuh eh noon bee teul duh ee sang boh soo gah uhb suh joh keum doh boh ee jeel ah nah
sarang hah neun nuh eh moh seub eun ohn deh gan deh uhb goh jee chyuh man gah neun nah eh moh seub eu roh nuh reul ee jeu ryuh hah neun
kyuh goo kehn soh yong uhb neun eh mee uhb neun neh eh keu uhb neun keu ree oom eu roh nuh reul gee dah ree goh oo! (nuh eh geh oo ah jeek doo moh dah han)
nah eh sarang eu ton boo jok han guh nee weh jah koo muh luh jyuh man gah nee doh 

deh cheh weh nuh neh geh uhb nee uh dee ee nee neh geh doh lah wah nuh nah reul jee 

kyuh jwuh

jee keum ee soon gan ee jee nah nal ee goo sal ah gal nuh eh gehn keu juh choo uh kee 
teh jee hah jee man nah eh geh ee gah sal soo uhb seul man keum nuhl deh nah buh ree 
neh chahn goo dah geh suh nuh eh moo deun guh

Baby I´m not ready to live my life steady without my lady uh! think about the way you 
kiss me girl~ Why you set me free~

oo ree ham keh guh luh suh duhn guh ree keu jah ree jee keum uhn nee gah uhb ee keu 
uhb ee jee cheen nah reul bahn gyuh joo neun guh ree nuh wah ham keh yuh duhn shee 
han keu dong ahn neh juhn boo yuh duhn nuh doh yuhk shee
seng gak nah nee oo ree gah keu toh roh ah kyuht duhn jah ree (keu koh eh oo ree) keu 
koh eh keu guh oon een mah choom doh gee uhk nah nee (oo ree) oo ree (uh) hengbok 
suh jahn nee ee eul soo ee nee (jee oo soo ee nee) ee jehn keu man yong suh heh (wuh)
neh kyuh eh dol ah wah joo gee bah reh uh! (dah shee doo nuhl man nal soo ee dah myuhn oo~ oo~ oo~) gyuhn deel soo uhb suh duhn guhn ah jeek doh neh geh moh han mal 
deul ee mahn ee nam ah ee suh joo jee moh han guh ee nuh moo mahn ah uh!
joh keum sheek ah joo chuh chuh hee neh geh wah doh dweh (gee dah ree soo ee suh) uh mah deun jee uhn jeh kah jee rah doh gee dah reel geh yak sok hal keh juh muhl lee nee 
gah boh ee neun guh kah jee ah neh gahn juhl han mol soh ree deul ree jee ahn nee nan 
buh teel soo uhb ee jeh bal (nuh reul)


seul peum soh keh jee chyuh ool duhn nah eh noon mool man keum man nee gah oo seul soo ee geh
ohn gah nee duhn keu goh teh hang sang suh ee seul geh nah nuh reul wee heh suh~

Surviving longly days only with my prays~ thinking about you in never dies just a 
memories~ Still lies~

kam dang hal soo uhb seul man keum nuh reul hengbok hah geh man deul uh joo geh dah nuhn nah eh dah jeem deul ee san san hee joh gak nah neh muh ree soh keh mah eum soh keh duh ee sang nuh reul bah rah bol soo doh boo jah beul soo doh uhb geh man deul uh buh reen jee keum nah

Baby I´m not ready to live my life steady without my lady~ Don´t cry baby~

dool ah suhn nah eh noon gah eh heu reu neun keu noon mool man keum man jeh bal 
hengbok heh joo ryuhm keu ruh soo ee geh nee ee goh sal soo ee neun man keum noh 
heh bok geh nuhl sarang han man keum nuh eh moh deun guh

Surviving lonely days only with my prays~ thinking about you in never dies just a 
memories~ still lies~


Where in the world are you?
I'm worried
Whether you were happy or miserable from parting with me
who looked at me and was beautiful,
disappeared somewhere
You abandoned me but why are you crying
Covered by those tears
I can not see your eyes that protected me
I can not see them any longer
I can not see them even a little

who I love,
is no where to be seen
Exhausted I tried to forget but in conclusion with my endless longing that is meaningless
I wait for you Woo! (for you still unfinished)
Is my love for you insufficient?
Why are you going farther away?
Why are you not with me?
Where are you?
Come back to me
You protected me
When this moment passes,
it will just be a memory in life that you will forget,
but I have become so much like you it can not be erased
You have become my everything

Baby I'm not ready to live my life steady
without my lady uh~!
Think about the way you kiss me girl
why you set me free

The time I was together with you
Do you, who were everything to me,
also remember
The spot that we valued so much (we who were there)
Do you remember the hot kiss at that place
(We )We (uh) were happy
Can you forget? (Can you erase it?)
Forgive me now (Woah)
I want you to come back to me uh! (If I could meet you again Woo~Woo~!Woo~!)
I couldn't handle it because I have so many things I haven't told you
There are so many things I couldn't give you~! Uh!
Gradually very slowly you can come to me (I can wait)
For however long until whenever I can wait
I'll promise It seems I can see you from afar..
Can't you hear my earnest voice..
I can't hold out please (you)
When this moment passes,
it will just be a memory to you who will forget me in your life,
but I have become so much like you it can not be erased
You have become my everything
So you could laugh as much as my tears that flowed in exhaustion inside the sorrow..
At the place I am usually at
I will be standing
I will for you

Surviving lonely days
only with my prays..
Thinking about you in never dies just a memories..
Still lies

My promises,
that were supposed to make you unbearably happy,
have broken into pieces
Inside my head and heart it makes me unable to look or grab onto you

Baby I'm not ready to live my life steady
without my lady
don't cry baby

As much as those tears flowing down my eyes as I turn around,
please be happy
Can you do that
I'll try hard so I can forget you as I live
As much as I loved you
Everything of you

Surviving lonely days only with my prays..
Thinking about you in never dies just a memories..
Still lies

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